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June 17, 2020

Seminar with Catherine Walsh whose article "Existence (De)Schooled" will appear in LÁPIZ N˚5 (forthcoming June 2020).

The conference (in Spanish) is part fo the Standing Seminar on Education Activities hosted by CII-OVE, la CEIP-H y el CINPECER.

Register here. All events are free and open to the public. Recordings of all  events will be available on the YouTube channel of Otras Voces en Educación. 





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   LÁPIZ N˚6
   Hacer Escuela / Inventing School


Schooling in the Caribbean and  Latin America: Reproduction,

Resistance, Revolution 

With contributions by Kique Cubero García and Ariana González Stokas, Cecilia Diego, Rebecca Tarlau, and Catherine Walsh. 

"The four contributions to LÁPIZ N˚5 elaborate how Caribbean and Latin American movements practice deschooling, transform schools to practice dual power co-governance against existing state powers, and create alternative sites of learning through care and mutual aid, while avoiding essentialized or romanticized notions of pre-colonial Indigenous learning histories. Our hope is that reading across these varied case studies can help ferment and foment a more vibrant ecosystem of pedagogically focused struggles for liberation in the Caribbean and Latin America. Furthermore, we offer that those based in the United States can evolve our inquiring paths in closer relationship with these hard-won epiphanies in our own hemisphere."


   Learning Across Liberation


October 16-17, 23-24, 2020. 6-8PM (EST)

The Latin American Philosophy of Education Society (LAPES) hosted a 4-day online symposium, Learning Across Liberation Theologies, to explore the links between liberation theology, pedagogy, and activism. The symposium gathered front-line educators, movement organizers, and practitioners and scholars of Liberation Theology to address these themes. 

Keynote Speakers: Mark L. Taylor (Princeton Theological Seminary), Sylvia Marcos (UNAM), and Chris Tirres (DePaul University)

Oct. 16: Sanctuary Movements

Oct. 17: Liberation Theologies in Classrooms

Oct. 23: Caribbean/Latin American Liberation Theologies

Oct. 24: Black Radical Tradition

Please register for this free event:

Sponsored by The Rutgers Division of Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement.

The Symposium organizers also wish to thank ​The Rutgers Program in Comparative Literature, DePaul University, and West Chester University.

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   Pedagogías decoloniales:

   Insurgencias desde las grietas

      (Decolonial Pedagogies: Insurgencies up from the Cracks)


   Debt Resistance Across the Americas and Caribbean

May 2, 2020, 4PM EDT (GMT -4)

Hosted by LAPES + The Debt Collective

Join these debt scholars and activists from across the Americas and Caribbean for an international discussion of debt resistance. This is a bi-lingual event. Spanish & English translation will be provided. Event will be available on Facebook Live at:

Featuring presentations by

Verónica Gago from Argentina
Frances Negrón Muntaner from CSER Columbia
Hannah Appel from UCLA and Debt Collective
Juan Pablo Rojas from Deuda Educativa in Chile

Moderated by Jason Thomas Wozniak- The Latin American Philosophy of Education Society

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ESP-FacebookEvent-Debt Resistance.jpg


   LÁPIZ N˚4 Roundtable

Teaching with & Learning about Social Mo


   Translation Presentations (US + UK)
   Enrique Dussel's Pedagogics of Liberation

Pennsylvania State University–Campus Park 

Adult Education Brownbag Lunch

January 30, 2020, 12 PM

Bournemouth University, Talbot Campus (UK)

February 11, 2020

(Co-hosted by Faculty of Media & Communication and The Centre for Education and Media Practice)

University of Winchester (UK)

February 13, 2020

Enrique Dussel is considered one of the founding philosophers of liberation in the Latin American tradition, an influential arm of what is now called decoloniality. While he is astoundingly prolific, relatively few of his works can be found in English translation. Pedagogics of Liberation represents Dussel's early thought on pedagogics, or the field of philosophical inquiry that examines face-to-face relationships where there are inequalities, like teacher-student, adult-child, politician-community, and philosopher-nonphilosopher. The book provides a decolonial concept of education writ large, delimiting a liberatory pedagogics from an oppressive pedagogics by weaving together Latin American and European intellectual traditions. In this presentation, co-translator David I. Backer will give a brief sketch of the book's claims and the process of translating it into English. 


   LÁPIZ N˚4 Launch
   Translation Book Release (Philadelphia)
   Enrique Dussel's Pedagogics of Liberation 



   LÁPIZ N˚4

   The Pedagogies of Social   

   Movements in the Americas


With contributions by Vanessa de Oliveira Andreotti, Bruno Baronnet, Lia Pinheiro Barbosa, Bret Leraul, and Targol Mesbah

"In different ways the essays in LÁPIZ N˚4 address the knowledge practices 

authored by Latin America’s recent social movements. In doing so, the authors enter into a tenuous and fraught dialogue between the movement knowledges they describe and the university knowledges they, like so many of us, are compelled to produce. This has always been the promiscuous enterprise of LÁPIZ and the Latin American Philosophy of Education Society: to conjugate the experiences, practices, knowledges of activists, educators, and academics from across the Americas."



   Translation Book Release (New York City)
   Enrique Dussel's Pedagogics of Liberation (2019)



   The Pedagogics of Liberation:

   A Latin American Philosophy of



By Enrique Dussel (Punctum Books, 2019)

Introduction by Linda Martín Alcoff

Translated by Ana Cecilia Diego and David Backer

"Enrique Dussel is considered one of the founding philosophers of liberation in the Latin American tradition, an influential arm of what is now called decoloniality. While he is astoundingly prolific, relatively few of his works can be found in English translation — and none of these focus specifically on education. Founding members of the Latin American Philosophy of Education Society David I. Backer and Cecilia Diego bring to us Dussel’s The Pedagogics of Liberation: A Latin American Philosophy of Education, the first English translation of Dussel’s thinking on education, and also the first translation of any part of his landmark multi-volume work Towards an Ethics of Latin American Liberation."

Dussell Pedagogics Cover.png


   Hacer Escuela / Inventing School
   Rethinking the Pedagogy of Critical Theory

Hacer Escuela 2019.jpg

   Schooling in Latin America:
   Reproduction, Resistance, Revolution

LAPES 2018 Symposium.jpg

   The Pedagogies of Social Movements in the Americas         


LAPES 2017 Symposium.jpg


   LÁPIZ Nº2 Launch NYC 

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