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LAPES is a community of scholars, teachers, and activists from across the Americas who give freely of their time to further the mission of the society to disseminate and amplify the pedagogical practices and educational philosophies of Latin America.


Central to our mission is the assumption that knowledge is no one's property. Therefore our 

symposia and conferences are free and open to the public, our journal LÁPIZ  is open access, and our other publications are available at low or no cost. For the same reason, membership cannot be bought—it is given freely. 

We have two levels of membership: supporters and members.


Supporters passively contribute to the society by reading and disseminating its publications or by making a donation.

To become a supporter please subscribe to our email list (below) or make a donation

Members actively contribute their time to the society. LAPES strives to function horizontally guided by a common ethos rather than a set of bylaws or internal hierarchies. Any member of the society may volunteer to join one of the collectives to contribute to current projects or propose new ones. All members are encouraged to participate in the governance of the society and its collectives. Because of this radically egalitarian structure, we ask that potential members demonstrate a minimum commitment by (1) participating in at least one symposium or (2) volunteering for a LAPES collective or sponsored project.

To become a member, please contact Jason Wozniak at jazonwoz1 [at] gmail [dot] com. and find out ways to get involved. 

LAPES does not share personal information with third parties, and we actively seeks to keep personal information private. 

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