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March 20, 2020


Dear LAPES Community/Friends of LAPES, 


In the midst of the global spread of COVID-19, this is an invitation from LAPES to compile resources on Caribbean, Latin American, and our diasporic communities’ pedagogical/political responses to crises—health, ecological, socio-economic, and beyond.

We want to transform this time of great uncertainty into a conscientious learning moment for friends in LAPES’ networks to uplift each other’s lessons on how people have addressed similar crises in the past, as we learn how to address this present moment.

Please share readings, anecdotes, proverbs, songs, artworks, and more.

We will make all collected materials available on our website.




LAPES is proud to be affiliated with the Graduate Certificate in Latin American Philosophies of Education (LAPE) offered through the Educational Foundations and Policy Studies Department at the University of West Chester. The first of its kind in the United States, courses in the LAPE Certificate are offered in person and online.


The mission of the Graduate Certificate in Latin American Philosophies of Education at West Chester University is the development of educators with a critical global perspective.

Given that philosophy of education has mostly ignored 80% of the world's people, the Graduate Certificate in Latin American Philosophies of Education aims to help close that gap by incorporating other epistemologies, educative practices, and languages from the south of the western hemisphere. It asks: Are there other more effective and creative ways to teach and learn? Can Normalista or Zapatista thought help students better understand critical pedagogy?

LAPE Certificate Website

Dr. Jason T. Wozniak
Assistant Professor, LAPE Coordinator
Educational Foundations & Policy Studies

West Chester University

Email Dr. Wozniak


For information regarding possible translation projects, contact any of the following:

Jason Thomas Wozniak: jazonwoz1[at]

Ana Cecilia Diego: gdanaceci[at]

David Isaac Backer: david.backer[at]


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