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LÁPIZ N˚5: Schooling in the Caribbean and Latin America: Reproduction,Resistance, Revolutio

The Latin American Philosophy of Education Society (LAPES) is excited to announce the release of our Làpiz volume No. 5: Schooling in the Caribbean and Latin America: Reproduction, Resistance, Revolution.

With contributions by Kique Cubero García and Ariana González Stokas, Cecilia Diego, Rebecca Tarlau, and Catherine Walsh.

"The four contributions to LÁPIZ N˚5 elaborate how Caribbean and Latin American movements practice deschooling, transform schools to practice dual power co-governance against existing state powers, and create alternative sites of learning through care and mutual aid, while avoiding essentialized or romanticized notions of pre-colonial Indigenous learning histories. Our hope is that reading across these varied case studies can help ferment and foment a more vibrant ecosystem of pedagogically focused struggles for liberation in the Caribbean and Latin America. Furthermore, we offer that those based in the United States can evolve our inquiring paths in closer relationship with these hard-won epiphanies in our own hemisphere."


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